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New technician at Interal!


Albin Rydén is since the first of February employed as a Technician and will work with new projects, automation and production optimization. Albin is not a completely new acquaintance since he used to work at Interal a few years ago. During the last 3,5 years he has worked for Saab, where he's been developing his knowledge within CNC-technology.

Albin and Jonas will now work together as a team but with different main responsibilities, in close collaboration with both Production, Sales and Process planning. They look at this cooperation as an exciting challenge and a development both for themselves as well as for Interal. Their target is to contribute to Interal's development and growth.

Jonas and Albin, Technicians at Interal AB

Review of 2017


In our factory in Habo, Sweden, we have had a lot of focus on the assembling department, which has grown both in size and in range of processes that we can offer. For example we have invested in a fastener insertion machine and also equipment for assembling of helicoil. We also invested in a new CNC machining center, in order to meet up to the steadily increasing inflow of orders that we've experienced during the past year.

Our factory in China has moved to a new facility and also there we've expanded with new CNC machines. The new faciliy has been a great improvement both regarding work environment and also to receive an efficient process flow during the whole line of production.

We have also had som changes of personnel. In China we have hired a few new employees, both within the production and within administration; logistics/quality. Here in Habo Johan Nilsson started as new Production manager since half a year ago. Peter Wallinder has replaced Robert Grubesic at engineering/process planning since Robert has left Interal. Thereby Niclas Fotsjö and Andreas Simonsson remain as part-owners of Interal, and they will continue to run the business forward.

We would like to say Thank You to all our customers, suppliers and employees for Your contribution to make 2017 a successful year, and we look forward to a good cooperation during 2018.

Happy New Year from Interal!

Our Xmas gift - a new Haas VF-7


Our new machining center has arrived and is ready to adopt. This is an addition to the Haas-family since we already have three machines from this trademark in our factory. The purpose is that one of the longlength machines will be equipped with an index table, in order to achieve a fourth machining axis for a more efficient manufacturing. This will be installed at the beginning of next year and we will come back with more information when this is implemented. 

ISO 9001/14001:2015


Now you can find Interal's new ISO certificates on our website. We work actively according to our management system to assure the quality of our services/products and to contribute to minimize the environmental impact. Our management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. You can find the certificate here.

Delegate from Interal at Technical college national conference


At Techincal college* national conference Robert Grubesic from Interal AB took part in a panel discussion around the subject "How to make technical educations more attractive for youths?"

In the discussion another entrepreneur also took part as well as a PhD student and two political representatives from different parties.

The entrepreneurs described the needs of the industry and different kinds of labour within the technical area and which challenges the Swedish industry faces today regarding lack of manpower with the right competence.

The politicians agreed that the industry must open up the doors to show their operations. They suggested some hands-on propositions; such as open house for the employees with families, study visits for school classes to mention some of their examples.

Interal has already implemented these ideas as we arranged an open house for the emplyees with their families in 2015. A good way to show this line of business for the next generation, where we today can see a reduced interest for technical education. 

Roberts impression from the discussion in general was positive and he summarizes as follows: "It's a tough branch to run a business as subcontractor in Sweden, but after this day I feel a bit more hopeful owing to a great commitment from the politicians at national level."

*Technical college is a concept where 3000 industrial businesses cooperates with 150 educational coordinators all-over Sweden. The purpose is to increase the attractiveness and quality of technical educations. (

Thank you all visitors - Elmia Subcontractor 2017


A week filled with interesting and nice conversations, fruitful lunch meetings with several of our customers and inspiration to a continuous development within our line of business and a continuous good cooperation with new as well as existing customers.

Welcome to get in touch with us if You want to know more about what we can offer!

Elmia Subcontractor 2017


Interal will be exhibiting at Elmia Subcontractor November 14-17 and we are looking forward to several interesting meetings with both existing customers as well as new ones. We welcome you most warmly to visit our stand B02:53 and we will show you what we can offer within the aluminium line of business!

Get to know Johan - production manager at Interal


We have asked a few questions in order to get to know Johan, production manager at Interal:

What is your background? "At senior high I studied a technical programme with enterprise orientation. After that I started to work at Aval display, where I was employed for seven years - mainly as a production leader for metal- and assembly production + warehouse. Following I worked one year at Lankapaja where I was production leader for bending/welding."

How do you conduct to your task as production manager at Interal? "My target is to streamline the production, increase the availability at the machinery and overall work with improvements at the different departments. As an example we are updating our maintenance routines. I also work with daily management at the different departments in order to get a clear view of the availability of each machine - a great tool to identify disturbances and to quickly apply appropriate actions." 

What about your leisure time? "It's quite varying: I have a major technical interest, also like travelling and fishing. Sport is fun - and I play handball in a club in Jönköping. And since six weeks back my partner and I are cat owners".


Quality- and Environmental audit at Interal


During yesterday and one day previous week, the certification organ Qvalify was here and performed renewal audit for our ISO 9001- and 14001 certificates. We did as well an upgrade to the new editions of the standards; ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Again we got a receipt that we have a well functioning organisation with several positive comments, for example our daily control of the production, an improvement project which includes increasing the competence of our staff, great development of our management system in line with the new editions of the ISO standards and our control of the environmental work at Interal. We will up-date our website with the new certificates as soon as we have received them from Qvalify. 

News from Interal Foshan


Our new facilities in Foshan city is about 1000 m2 and in conjunction with the relocation we have increased the staff as well as mechanical equipment, with more CNC-machines. Andreas and Ann visited the factory at the beginning of September in order to follow up the moving, further development of some large projects and educating our new quality technician and the production team in the factory. We did also review and follow up our quality procedures and documents, in order to assure efficient and reliable processes. The factory is since a year ago certified according to ISO 9001.

Machine investment at Interal


In line with increased focus on assembling and development of our assembly department, we have now invested in a fastener insertion machine. This is a new process at Interal and we are proud to be able to offer our customers an expanded range of processing. Don't hesitate to contact Niclas, Janne or Andreas at Sales, if you are interested to hear more about this process or about our additional range of assembling and machining.

Running race with collegues


According to our annual tradition Interal participated with a number of employees in this years running race around one of the lakes in the city Jönköping. We were a happy group of approximately 10 persons who walked or ran five or ten kilometers together with the other 6000 participants. After the race we enjoyed a great picnic together on the beach. A pleasant and healthy activity!

Visitors from the other side of the world


Last week our colleagues from China visited Interal. Shanen has worked for Interal for over 10 years and his main tasks are logistics and supplier contacts. Chang is the manager and part owner of Interal's factory in Foshan. We have during the week showed them how we work with our production flow, technical preparation, quality assurance/quality management and also our ERP Monitor which will be installed in our factory in China in the nearest future. During this summer we will move our factory to larger facilities in Foshan, which will give us better conditions to grow with our customers both in China as well as in Sweden. We saw this visit as a good opportunity for our colleagues to get thoughts and ideas for the construction of the production flow and warehouse in the new factory. Last Friday Chang and Shanen returned to China with lots of Swedish candies as well as new knowledge and experience in their luggage.

New assembly department


We are now working in the new assembly hall since a couple of months ago. This has given us a larger surface for assemby, brighter and more fresh hall and not least important; a clean and dust-free environment. We have invested in several assembly benches and equipment for assembling thread inserts, which increase our offer to our customers. In conjunction with this, we have already got the possibility to help some new customers with articles that comprise both machining and assembling and since we're now well equipped we look forward to more projects like this.

New year at Interal


Last Friday we closed our accounting year and are happy to verify that we attained better turnover and result compared with the previous year.

During the past year we have obtained some new customers and projects, which will give us the possibility to grow and to continue to create value for our customers also during the coming year.

New truck!


After many years of loyal duty, our old truck has retired and in order to maintain and improve the flexibility of our business, we have invested in a new, larger truck. Our new Mercedes will mainly serve us with the short-distance transportations to our subcontractors of surface treatments, welding and assembling etc. in the local area.

Sales in new offices!


Since half a year Interal disposes significantly larger facilities due to the move out of our previous tenants.

The facilities that we've achieved are both production-/warehouse area as well as offices. After renovation of the office facilities our Sales department; Niclas and Janne, have moved in to their new offices. They are now stationed "next door" to each other, and next to their offices they have a large area for meetings and customer visits.

They are both very positive to the new office facilities and think it creates better conditions for the cooperation between the salesmen and it also entails an increased customer- and marketing focus.

Review of 2016


2016 has been a year filled with events. Interal has celebrated 40 years anniversary, with focus on health and well-being and a nice trip to Stockholm for our staff.

We have invested in several new machines, for example a CNC machining center for long-length details, a specially designed cutting machine and to our unit in China we have purchased a laser engraving machine as well as another CNC-machine. Our factory in China keeps on growing and works very well as a complement to our business in Habo.

We have expanded our area here in Habo with more office-, production- and warehouse facilities since our former tenants have moved out. This has for example given us a larger, cleaner and brighter assembly section which still is during design. This means that we're well equipped to offer assembling of more complex products to our customers.

Regarding our employees; Krister Andersson was retired last summer and we are grateful for all years he has contributed to Interal. Johan Westerberg has replaced Krister at the cutting department and is doing a great job there. Martin Bååth has finish his employment as technical engineer a month ago and Robert Grubesic will take this responisibility instead. Robert has during many years has the task as production manager and he's also part-owner of Interal. Johan Mattson has been recruted for the position of production manager instead and he will start his employment in February.

Now we look forward to an eventful and splendid 2017 and wish our customers, suppliers and employees the same!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


All of us at Interal want to say thanks to all our customers and suppliers for the year that has passed. On the 24th of December we will have some Christmas holiday and we'll be back again at 2nd of January. We look forward to an exciting and eventful 2017.

News from our cutting department


Lots of things has happened at the cutting department at Interal during the last half-year. First of all we would like to introduce the cutting crew; Björn, Göran and Johan. Johan is new in the team and started to work at Interal in May this year. Björn and Göran has been working some years at Interal, previously at CNC and punching. Now they share the responsibility to provide the rest of the production chain with cut profiles, since many of our orders has its start at the cutting department. They enjoy running the function together and as they say themselves; "we work well together".

Another major news is investing in a new machine, specially designed for production of one of our high volume articles which is used for brushcutters. An important investment for one of our significant customers, with whom we have signed a three-year contract which in total means a turnover of 5,4 Million SEK. The machine cuts, drills and adjust the angle of the profile in one and the same operation.

We consider this investment as an important part of the cooperation with our customer and we can already see poitive effects through increased confidence and inquiries for future articles.

The cutting crew at Interal; Göran, Björn and Johan

Elmia Subcontractor 2016


We are grateful to all new and existing customers that visited our stand during Elmia Subcontractor last week. A week filled with interesting and productive meetings. We will get in touch with all new contacts during the nearest weeks.

Meet us at Elmia Subcontractor 2016!


Interal will exhibit at Elmia Subcontractor from November 8-11.

  • Do you use aluminium in any of your products?
  • Do you have any questions regarding aluminium profiles, diecast or plate?
  • Do you require a competitive and reliable supplier for long-term cooperation?

Then you are welcome to visit us in our stand B02:53 where we look forward to answer your questions and show you examples of our present products. 

40 years celebrations at Interal


Last Friday Interal celebrated 40 years anniversary. The day started in the subject of health, with a positive summary and some encouraging words from our health coach Susanne Dalsätt who has followed us during the past year. Afterwards Maja Björkebäck held a presentation worth considering on the subject mental coaching, which gave most of us an eye-opener about how little it actually takes to get a more positive approach and to work toward fixed goals. Filled with enthusiasm and positive thoughts we entered the bus which would take us to Stockholm in order to continue the celebrations at Wallmans salonger, where we experienced a colourful and fantastic show. Song, music from first class artists, while we were enjoying a tasty six-dishes menu. Tired but happy we returned to Habo the day after, and all the employees probably agreeing that it was a memorable 40-years celebration that Interals owners; Andreas, Robert and Niclas had arranged. 

At Friday 23rd of September...


At Friday 23rd of September the Production and offices will be closed at Interal due to our 40-years anniverary celebrations, which we will celebrate with a trip to Stockholm with all our employees. Our dedicated staff will be back again at Monday!

ISO 9001/14001


Yesterday the annual quality- and environmental audit was performed at Interal by the certification body Qvalify. Once again we received confirmation that we are a well-functioning business with a lot of positive comments regarding our process planníng, orderliness in the production, good handling of chemicals and an overall well-arranged documentation. We also received a few thoughts and hints for the following year when we look forward to implement and get certified according to the new revisions of the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

Up-date of opening hours


Interal AB will change the opening hours for goods reception/collection according to following:

Monday-Friday 06.30-15.30

These hours will apply from the 3rd of October.

More focus on projects


Our Haas VF4 which was previously used for ongoing production is now reserved for new projects. Jonas, who works as Production technician at Interal, is responsible for the start-up in close cooperation with Sales and Technique. The purpose is to reduce the leadtime from quotation to completed initial samples and to assure the quality by making programmes and fixtures for the initial samples and for serial production at the same time.

With this extended resource we are well equipped and look forward to many new projects from current and future customers.

Machine investment


Our latest investment in a Haas VF6 SS machining center will provide for a steadily increasing demand for machining/milling in larger sized machines, as we have experienced during the last years. As a positive bonus one of our smaller Haas-machines will be released for production of fixtures and prototypes. In other words, we are now very well equipped for upcoming orders for both existing articles as well as new projects.

2015 Year in review


During 2015 Interal has grown by starting our own factory in China at the beginning of the year. We have got off the ground with a large intense with the production and increased both the mechanical equipment and the employees at Foshan Interal Metal products Co. Ltd. One of the major purpose with an own company in China is to get closer to the market, since a lot of our customers also have got established in China.

We have during the past year continued to work with our new ERP system; Monitor, that we established about 1,5 years ago. We can now announce that this implementation has been a success and we see lots of positive effects of having all our processes collected in the one and same business system.

Regarding our environmental issues we have kept on working with energy efficiency measures. Optimization of the compressed air and a new ventilation are some of the larger contributions that we've done within this area. Investments that have showed result by continuously decreasing electricity consumption. We reached our environmental target; to reduce the use of energy, by a wide margin in 2015.

Now we look forward to 2016 with great expectations. We celebrate our 40 years anniversary during this year. Forty years in business, at the beginning working with milling process of aluminium profiles which during the years has developed into a much wider spectra since we today are able to offer high qualitative complete solutions within the area of aluminium.

We also have nominated 2016 as the "year of health" which means that we will do some extra investments for health and wellness of our employees. We believe that an alert and healthy staff brings more well-being and job satisfaction and on a longer term a higher degree of efficiency.

With this we wish you a happy 2016! 

Elmia Subcontractor 2015


Elmia Subcontractor took place in week 46 and this year the fair celebrated 40 years anniversary. According to tradition Interal was present at the exihibition and the week was filled with lots of interesting meetings with both present customers and hopefully also future ones. To all new contacts - we will reconnect with you during the nearest weeks. Lots of thanks to all of you who visited our stand!

Meet us at Elmia Subcontractor 2015


For the 13th year running, Interal is present at Elmia Subcontractor November 10-13.

We look forward to several interesting and fruitful meetings both with existing and prospective customers. Do you have any questions about aluminium concerning profile, die-casting or plate then you're welcome to visit us in our stand B02:53. Our skilled salesmen will invite you for refreshments, show you examples of products from our present range of articles and make sure to give answers to your questions.

Our main motto is Customer Focus, and we can proudly say that we have a great number of satisfied customers within a wide range of business branches. Our mission is to continue to create great value for our customers through our knowledge, commitment and high qualitative overall solutions. 


Audit ISO 9001/14001 at Interal


Yesterday it was time for the annual external Quality and Environmental audit at Interal. Our auditor from Qvalify spent the whole day at Interal and checked the main part of our processes and procedures, in order to be able to state that we work according to the requirements of ISO 9001 and 14001 and according to the procedures that we have established. The result was very good, as we at the end of the day received the information that no nonconformances had been found during the audit. Some extra attention were paid to the result of the implementation of the new ERP-system, Monitor, and we got good feedback for our work with this and how we have managed to implement the system for virtually all of our processes.

As always we look very positively on these audits and take the opportunity to listen to the auditors thoughts about improvements.

The result of this year is a significant acknowledgement for us, which prooves that we have a well functioning business and that we work in the right direction with continuous improvement! 

New ventilation system at Interal


Interal has invested in a new ventilation system which will provide the offices, dining room and dressing rooms with a good air quality. This installation has contributed to a better working climate, with alert staff as a result. It will also contribute to a reduced electricity consumption which goes totally in line with Interal's environmental target to reduce the energy consumption. Unlike the previous ventilation system it is now possible to control the new unit according to our needs, which can contribute to a significant energy saving. Additionally we'll be able to remove individual cooling units which are no longer necessary. In conjunction with the installation we've signed an agreement with Caverion who will be responsible for maintenance of the system.

Machine investments and new employees at Interal


In order to increase our capacity we have invested in an additional CNC-machine (three-axis multioperation) to our unit in China. We have also employed another two CNC-operators to meet the increased occupancy at this factory.

We have also increased our resources in Habo, Sweden. During the last year our machinery has been expanded with a HAAS VF-4. We have also expanded our staff with a new employee; Peter Wallinder, who will be working with logistics at Interal. He started to work here in May and we see him as an important contribution to the workforce at Interal.

With these resources as reinforcement to our business, we are ready for a continously increasing order intake and new exciting projects from our present as well as future customers.

Foshan Interal Metal products Co. Ltd.

We keep on working with our environmental targets!


As we are well aware that one of our significant environmental aspects is energy consumption, we have during the last years worked actively with reducing this.

Our latest measures was to renovate parts of our compressed air system and installing shut-off valves to several of our machines. This resulted in a decrease of 7% of the energy consumption of the compressor.

Another planned activity during the nearest year is installation of a new ventilation system in the offices and dining room. We see this as an important investment both with consideration to the external environment as well as the working environment.

The result of our new business system


In June last year, we installed our new business system; Monitor. The operations have worked out very well during the past eight months and the system has, according to our expectations given us a better overview on several of our processes;

  • From inquiry to quotation, also including process planning
  • To handling ongoing customer orders, purchasing profiles and other materials, manufacturing and delivery to customer

This overview gives us a good control on the time planning for orders, we can level off the occupancy on our machines and most important of all; we can give faster and clearer answers to our customers. In summary - a worthwhile investment!

Interal - a growing company!


After an over decade-long cooperation with a number of carefully selected suppliers in China and employees located there as well, Interal has taken another step forward in order to combine the best out of two worlds. We have acquired a company located in the city Foshan situated in the Guangdong Province in Southern China - Foshan Interal Metal products Co. Ltd. The primary focus of the company will be machining of aluminium and we see this as a great complement to our manufacturing in Habo, Sweden. This will imply an increased option both for ourselves but especially for our customers.

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